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"Let me just say that Ethan still loves his room, bathroom on the 1st floor, lift and ramp.  We are still in such awe for all that Happy 2 Be Home did to improve his life and our time with him.  Ethan has had a very tough time this past year; he was hospitalized for many illnesses beginning last September.  Most recently, we were in the hospital for most of July and all of August as Ethan's heart condition has become profoundly more serious.  We are doing our best to manage his heart condition, but there are no more fixes to be done.  No more procedures or surgeries.  He is so happy to be back home in his wonderful room.  It really means so much that we have the space to manage his medical needs at home.  Ethan is living as full a life as possible, smiles, smirks and all.  We are counting on Ethan to prove the doctors wrong yet again; that he will have so many more good days than bad days.  Happy 2 Be Home's efforts make that much more possible.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Ethan to truly have a happy, safe home to live and thrive in.  Our best to all of you, and our deepest gratitude for the amazing work that you did on behalf of our family and continue to do for so many others!  Love, The Schwartz Family

"H2BH provided the funding for our garage to be converted to a first floor bedroom for our daughter, Hannah who is wheelchair bound. Without this generous funding we would never have been able to do this for her. It was vital that she be on one floor for her own safety and well being. We could never express how very thankful and blessed we are that we connected with the H2BH family."  ~  Timothy & Jennifer Mohn

"Our daughter, Katrina became the first recipient of support from Happy 2 Be Home when they reached out into the community.   Happy 2 Be Home installed a beautiful wheelchair accessible shower in her downstairs living space that enabled us to safely and efficiently bathe and care for our daughter.  Thank you Happy 2 Be Home from the bottom of our hearts for making our life so much easier."   ~  Graciously, Richard and Patricia Moran

"Here is Nikki on her new ramp!!!! It's amazing to be able to get her out for walks, to dr appointments, for school and just to sit out in the sun!!! Thank you so very much happy to be home!!!"  ~ Gretchen Elizabeth Harpel

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