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Completed Projects

  • Bath/Bedroom for Gabriella
  • Bath/Bedroom for Rohan
  • Bath/Bedroom for Marcus
  • Ramp for Nicki
  • Bed/Bathroom for Ethan
  • Bathroom for Jake & Ryan
  • Bathroom for Anneliese
  • Bathroom for Branden
  • Bedroom for Hannah
  • Bathroom & Ramp for AJ
  • Automatic door for TJ
  • Stairchair/Rails for Natalie
  • Bath/Bedroom for Alison
  • Bathroom for Katrina
  • Bath/Bedroom for Nathan
  • Bath/Bedroom for Charlotte



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Happy 2 Be Home funding for improvements to a family's house in order to make it suitable for their chronically ill child to be able to live there. The modifications or improvements that we provide depend on the individual situation. We will work closely with the family to determine what we can provide to improve their child's quality of life at home.


We can help with projects like:
• Wheelchair lifts
• Generators
• Bedroom remodeling
• Bathroom retrofitting
• Stairs and doorway access

We build • We help • We care

Fund Raising Events

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Saturday, 9/7/19

Annual Car Show


Saturday, 2/1/20

Designer Purse Bingo

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Happy 2 Be Home is a 501c3 certified organization and we can provide you with a copy of the certificate on request.