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Enhancing Lives, One Home at a Time

Happy 2 Be Home was born from the inspiring journeys of two incredible children, Charlotte and Nathan. In 2009, at the tender age of 7, Charlotte was struck by a rare disease that left her severely handicapped. It became evident that her home needed significant renovations for Charlotte to live comfortably once again. In a heartwarming display of solidarity, friends and loved ones rallied together, providing the necessary financial support to make Charlotte's home accessible and suitable for her needs.


During this transformative period, Nathan, a dear friend of Charlotte's, faced similar challenges. His own disabilities required improved facilities to support his daily life. Once again, the power of community emerged, and the necessary funds were raised to ensure Nathan's home could accommodate his unique requirements.


Moved by these experiences and the realization of a widespread need for accessible home environments for disabled children, the friends of Charlotte and Nathan came together to establish Happy 2 Be Home. United by a shared mission, we are dedicated to enabling families to create suitable living spaces for children with chronic, long-term, and multiple disabilities. Our ultimate goal is to enhance their quality of life, granting them the comfort, independence, and happiness they deserve.


Through our unwavering commitment, we strive to transform houses into homes, filled with love, accessibility, and the necessary adaptations that empower these extraordinary children to thrive. By providing vital modifications and renovations, we not only improve physical accessibility but also create a nurturing environment where these children can flourish and reach their full potential.


At Happy 2 Be Home, we believe that every child deserves a place to call home—a place where their unique needs are met with compassion, understanding, and support. Together, with the continued support of our community, partners, and generous donors, we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable children and their families.


Join us in our journey as we work tirelessly to enhance lives, one home at a time. Together, let's build a world where every child can truly be happy to be home.







"Nathan is safer and able to receive better care in a more functional and friendly space because of the renovations provided by Happy 2 Be Home."

                           Nathan's Mom, Stephanie

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